About Me

About Me

My passion for photography started when I was a little girl, and my curiosity for this amazing art grew year after year until I decided that it would be my profession. I thus began my art studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Verona, Italy, where I developed my creative side by exploring several drawing and painting techniques.

During those years I discovered and studied fine art photography, which made me decide that taking pictures was going to be my primary focus. What I like the most about photography is the possibility to tell a story without the need of using a single word. There’s something magical in looking back at a picture after years and experiencing the exact same feelings as when it was shot.

After several years spent as an assistant in Italian photographic studios, I started my own career in documenting – with a personal, creative touch – important events that happen in our lives, and weddings in particular.

At the same time I foster my passion for fine art photography by producing a series of personal projects, some of which have been exposed in public and private exhibitions. This personal research helps me keep my creativity alive, while allowing me to explore new boundaries and be more confident also as a photographer.

I love photography, I love stories, I love people.