Blue sky in Zurich

It’s so rewarding when the weather decides to be kind during the day of a photo shooting and to surprise us with a cloudless blue sky! So many possibilities to play with the bright colors and the dark shadows, with no rush to avoid the rain.

This was fortunately the case during an engagement session I recently did in Zurich with Sandrine and Massimo, of which you can see here a short preview. The first shots were taken by the Zürisee close to the Seebad Enge, a very central place yet so beautiful with its blue boats and its green plants. The last shot was taken on top of the famous “made-from-containers” Freitag building, with the suggestive Prime Tower in the background.

A sweet hug under the trees by the Seebad Enge

A closeup of their hands gently touching each others

Hand in hand under the shadow, with the lake Zurich in the background

Walking hand in hand on the Seebad Enge's boardwalk

A very passionate kiss on top of the Freitag building, with Zurich's Prime Tower in the background

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