Discovering the Old Town of Termoli

After I met Laila and Andrea in Zurich and they explained me that they wanted to celebrate their wedding in Termoli by the sea, I immediately got very excited! Not only could I finally visit this gorgeous Italian town, but the ceremony was also going to take place on a trabucco, which is a wood construction typical of the South-East part of Italy and normally used for fishing.
The trabucco has already been decorated and is now ready for our wedding

Once I arrived there, I was immediately enchanted by the beauty of Termoli’s old town. Its most prominent landmark is the castle (Castello Svevo), which was erected during the Norman domination in the 11th century and renovated during the reign of Frederick II in the 12th century.
A view of Termoli's Castello Svevo

This historical part of the city is surrounded by high walls and juts out directly into the sea. Termoli’s most popular beach starts immediately on the north side and gives you a very nice view on the old town and the castle.
A view of Termoli's main beach from the old town

The streets in the old town are also full of surprises and possibilities for romantic couple shoots, like the stairs in front of some house’s entrance.
Posing on some stairs in Termoli's old town

What is probably the most peculiar point in the old town is “A Rejecelle”, a street that in some points has a width of just 38 centimeters and is probably Italy’s narrowest street. I couldn’t resist asking the newlyweds to try to stand in front of each other within those walls… and guess what, they did fit! :-)
Posing in "A Rejecelle", Italy's narrowest street

But the best part of Termoli is probably the friendliness of its inhabitants. For instance, a man saw the bride and groom wandering in the streets and immediately invited us to go upstairs and take advantage of the extremely nice view from his balcony. From there we could see the cathedral on one side and the sunset above the sea on the other side!

Kissing with Termoli's cathedral in the background
A romantic couple shot with a view on the sea and on the sunset from the old town of Termoli

What to say… It was the perfect wedding day: history, nature, and love – all in one place.

P.S. I will add soon the complete gallery to my portfolio!

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