Wedding Photography – Style and Packages

Wedding Photography – Style and Packages

On this page you will find all important information about my wedding photography offers.

I strongly encourage you to first click on some of the wedding examples below. You can also find more weddings in my portfolio. In this way you can concretely see how I typically tell a wedding story – it is extremely important for me to know that my wedding photography style matches your expectations!

Further down you can then find some of the wedding reportage packages that I typically propose to my clients, together with the types of wedding albums that I provide and with answers to questions that couples frequently ask to me.

Wedding Photography Packages

Below you can find two examples of wedding photography packages that I normally propose to my clients.

Please consider that it is possible to agree on a more personalized package that covers wedding moments of your choice. For weddings that occur on a Saturday between June and September, however, I do not provide coverages smaller than the Apéro package.

Cake Package

  • In-person meetings before and after the wedding.
  • Full-day wedding coverage:
    • Getting ready
    • Couple photoshoot
    • Ceremony
    • Apéro
    • Dinner
    • Party till 11 pm
  • Delivery of about 800 full-resolution, post-processed JPEG pictures in a password-protected online gallery.
  • Travel expenses till 50 km from Bern.

Apéro Package

  • In-person meetings before and after the wedding.
  • Coverage of the following wedding moments:
    • Couple photoshoot
    • Ceremony
    • Apéro
  • Delivery of between 400 and 500 full-resolution, post-processed JPEG pictures in a password-protected online gallery.
  • Travel expenses till 50 km from Bern.


Do you work alone?

Yes, I normally take care by myself of the photoshoot and of the photo post-production.

For weddings that require special coverage I may however hire an assistant to help me during the wedding photoshoot.

Are you willing to travel, also internationally?

Yes, I am always willing to follow you wherever you want to celebrate your destination wedding or elopement – be it in nearby European countries such as Italy, Germany, France, or even farther away from Switzerland. Different landscapes, ceremony rituals and traditions are always an enrichment for me as a photographer and as a person.

Can we employ you also after 11 pm?

Yes, upon request I will keep taking pictures of your wedding also after 11 pm.

Please note that for this extra time I charge a hourly fee. However, if you know already before the wedding that you want me to stay after 11pm, I will propose a flat rate for the number of extra hours that you want to be covered.

How do you decide between requests for weddings on the same day?

While you are still deciding whether you want to book me as your photographer, I will inform you whenever I receive requests for weddings on the same day. My policy is first come first served, which means that I give priority to the first couple that confirms the booking.

How does the booking process work?

As soon as you confirm that you want to book me as your wedding photographer, I will preliminarily reserve the date for your wedding and send you a booking contract within a few days. The date is officially reserved for your wedding after I receive a small deposit and a signed copy of the contract.

Will we meet in person before/after the wedding?

Yes, we will meet several times before and after the wedding day! These are the meetings I normally schedule with my clients:

  • A first meeting to get to know each other. This meeting is extremely important, as it allows me to understand your desires and expectations and at the same time it helps you decide whether I am the right photographer for you!
  • An additional meeting normally takes place a few weeks before the ceremony. During this meeting we will discuss in a more precise way the details and the timeline of the wedding day.
  • After the photo delivery we will have a wrap up meeting, where we can possibly discuss whether you are interested in a photo book.

All these meetings and the corresponding travel expenses are included within all wedding packages!

In case it is not possible to have face-to-face meetings, for example due to distance, we can organize online video calls in order to get to know each other before the wedding.

How long does it take until we receive the pictures?

I typically deliver the pictures about two months after the day of shooting. The actual time depends on season of the photoshoot, summer being the busiest.

If desired, I can send you a small subset of post-processed pictures within a few of weeks. You can use these photos, for example, in the “Thank You” card that you will send to your guests.

How will we receive the pictures?

You will receive all the post-processed pictures as a password-protected online gallery in my clients section, which allows you to easily share them with your family and friends. You will have access to the online gallery for at least one year after having received the link. From there, you can download single photos or the entire collection at once and you can choose among different formats:

  • Web size, ideal for sharing on the Web.
  • High resolution, optimized for file transfer.
  • Full resolution.

I will provide two different passwords for the online gallery, one for you as a client and another one that you can forward to your guests. You can then decide to mark some pictures as private – those pictures will be visible only when entering the client password and will be hidden from your guests.

Upon request, I can also copy all the pictures in Full resolution and Web size into a USB pen drive.

Will the photos contain a watermark?

You will be able to download all photos in High resolution and in Full resolution without any watermark.

A watermark will be present only on pictures that you download in Web size and on the previews in the online gallery.

Can we share some pictures on social media?

Of course, you are free to share as many photos as you want!

I only ask you to either share photos with a watermark (i.e. in Web size) or alternatively to include a link to my website or to tag my Facebook page. Thank you!

Will you share photos from our wedding on the Web?

As you can guess, sharing nice photos from clients’ weddings is vital for a wedding photographer. Not only does it allow me to show my photography style but it is also the best and most direct way for a couple like you to choose their wedding photographer.

Nevertheless, I will always ask for your consent before sharing any photo from your wedding on my website or on social media.

Do you shoot also wedding videos?

No, I focus only on wedding photography.

Contact Me

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Printing your memories is essential in order to be able to preserve them. Only photos printed in high quality can stand out in all their beauty of colors and details and let your memories last forever!

The wedding albums I propose to my clients employ leather covers (available in multiple colors) and professional fine art printing, which ensures high durability. I normally suggest a linear and minimal style for the photo layout and for the album – I strongly believe that prominence must be given to the actual photos.

The album is usually booked after the photo delivery. I will personally take care of selecting the pictures and defining the layout that best represent your wedding day. At any time you can of course decide to add or remove some photos in the proposed layout. Trust me: being able to create the album of your dreams is a real emotion!

Here below you can find an example of fine fine art wedding album and an example of photobook. Do not hesitate to contact me for further information.

Fine Art Wedding Album

  • fine-art-wedding-album-hochzeitsalbum-by-monica-tarocco-001


  • fine-art-wedding-album-hochzeitsalbum-by-monica-tarocco-002


  • fine-art-wedding-album-hochzeitsalbum-by-monica-tarocco-003


  • fine-art-wedding-album-hochzeitsalbum-by-monica-tarocco-004


  • fine-art-wedding-album-hochzeitsalbum-by-monica-tarocco-005


  • fine-art-wedding-album-hochzeitsalbum-by-monica-tarocco-006


  • fine-art-wedding-album-hochzeitsalbum-by-monica-tarocco-007


  • fine-art-wedding-album-hochzeitsalbum-by-monica-tarocco-008


  • fine-art-wedding-album-hochzeitsalbum-by-monica-tarocco-009


  • fine-art-wedding-album-hochzeitsalbum-by-monica-tarocco-010


  • fine-art-wedding-album-hochzeitsalbum-by-monica-tarocco-011


  • fine-art-wedding-album-hochzeitsalbum-by-monica-tarocco-012


  • fine-art-wedding-album-hochzeitsalbum-by-monica-tarocco-013


Wedding Photobook